Assignment 4: documentary

So, I want to talk about a bunch of stuff in this summary, one, this is my 3rd iteration of this assignment, but I’m so thankful for it because this one is my favorite. My first try I went to the town I’m from Aberdeen and took a few photos of my families old abandoned farm. Sadly, my memory card failed on me and all those photos were lost.

So my second try I decided to take the event photography route. I found an event at the museum I was banking on.  The event was November 10th. But, when I showed up the light was terrible, I tried saving some of my photos using photoshop but they all had a bad yellow tint to them that was driving me crazy. I would be embarrassed to turn them in.

Which brings me to this… Old Town has always been a favorite place for me to take pictures because there’s so many different textures, colors, objects, and interesting concepts I can explore. I was taking pictures of this building  trying to get a dramatic straight up and down shot when a stranger noticed me. He came up to me and asked what I was taking pictures of, and I just mentioned I loved the sides of the buildings. He laughed and asked if I’d like to see something cool, and ignoring the stranger danger going off in my head I said “Yes!” so he points me to this tile on the side of the building of a naked woman the 3rd picture down. He then explained to me that the building used to be a brothel, and those tiles were a way to let people know. He told me that this particular tile is one of the best preserved in the whole town. I loved that! as a history nerd, I love little time capsules.  I really appreciate that guy showing me it, and also appreciate him not murdering me.


Side of Building 2Side of BuildingTile of WomanGreen BranchOld Town Ally


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