Assignment 5: Still Life


This assignment was actually one of my favorites! It did however make me realize the only perfume I had was bath and body works which don’t have the most visually appealing bottles. So my first challenge was finding a bottle that I visually liked, but didn’t hate the smell of. (I am very picky with smells)

Finally I settled on this perfume after probably 2 hours in the Ulta store. (Got some Christmas shopping done too!} I choose this one because I loved the pom pom and 50’s aesthetic.

So some background… my mom and I are art supplies hoarders, so earlier I was helping my mom clean out her selection when I found this pan with some left over water color in it, I swear the pan just screamed at me to keep it. I loved its vibrancy, and texture.

I have this thing where I wait for inspiration to hit me, and after I saw the pan I knew what kind of look I wanted to go for for this shoot. Really feminine after the bottle, but with a fun pop of color from the pan.

I experimented with different background colors, I used a couple different blankets when I settled on this blue one, but then I realized I had some Christmas lights. So I put those in the background and it gave the image the feeling I really wanted to convey.

(the first picture is my official image. )



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